"Design is thinking made visual."

-Saul Bass

Profile page design for a yarn crafters community. This page is when you view someone else's profile. You have the ability to see the projects they have completed and view patterns they have uploaded to the site. I did the layout, color palette, typography, and overall aesthetic. I used an icon set but created the bookmark icon myself.

The icons are from a free to use set: Stefan Taubert

Lineart illustration of a succulent growing in a pot. I was using the current trend of lineart illustrations, while also combining it with a short animation to add visual interest to the page. Animation created in Adobe Animate.

Music player app concept with a dark theme for display brightness. The app is focused on playlists and puts the focus on playing music and adding songs to new playlists.

An adorable dancing yeti. I used a rounded and simple illustration style to play up the adorableness. I created a simple looping animation to add personality and increase the viewer's sense of joy. Created in Adobe Animate.

Settings page design for an app. I did the layout, color palette, assets, typography, and overall aesthetic.

Fun octopus illustration using bright colors and simple lines, as well as a bit of animation to add visual interest. Animated in Adobe Animate.

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Design for a sign up page for a diary app. The line art logo is supposed to make the viewer think of long hand writing as are all of the the line art icons. A dynamic message appears on the to right to bring delight. The bright interface is colors were chosen for calming but cheery pattern, with a nice purple to catch the eye. The subtle pattern background adds depth with diary and writing related imagery.

The icons are free to use sets:

social icons
Hüseyin Çakır
background icons
Tamzid Hasan

Looping animated fireplace. I created the illustration as well as the animation. Animated in Adobe Animate.

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Visual design and UI/XD Improvement for Conference site.

Redesigned the look and feel to reflect new corporate branding requirements. Worked with Marketing Team on requirements as well as gathered user feedback to improve experience for attendees.

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A pet themed logo using the concept of negative space to represent two common pets. The intent was to capture the personality and shapes of a dog and cat with subtle lines and shapes. The light blue elicits calmness, happiness, and the color of the sky on a clear day. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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A logo for a yarn enthusiast site similar to ravelry. The yarn ball Y is meant to stand on its own if necessary for app logos or other branding.

Software used includes: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Inkscape

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Webpage banner design

For a science education site, used medical imagery to emphasis the expertise. Created custom vector illustrations.

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Flat beer icons

Vector beer icons done in the flat graphic style. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Medical Illustration

Stylized illustration of the PTEN pathway for a primer that accompanied a marketing catalog.

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Logo explorations

Application logo for a compiling software. Two explorations of the concept.

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Flat electronic icons

Vector electronic icons done in the flat graphic style. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Invitation example. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Graphic illustrating a company's content library and how it can be used. Was also animated for promotion videos.

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Save the Date

Vow renewal ceremony taking place on a cruise. Reminiscent of an old fashioned ship ticket.

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Textbook cover

Series of related college textbook covers.

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Advertising banners

Banner concepts for advertisitng services on a website. These images were sliced and sent to the web developer for implementation.

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eLearning Interface design

Interface design using the client's branding for a short online course.